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yoram yasur SmokingI know to quit is not easy. – Yoram Yasur
Nicotine is an addiction! so you have to use a lot of psychology to conquer your goal! start by setting a date for stop smoking completely! to quit gradually is not recommended.
You should be drastic! tell your friends and family that you are giving up, so they could support and value your effort.

Give away all cigarettes and ashtrays take one day at a time be optimistic, believe in yourself, in your goodwill.

If you feel anxious:

  • eat gum
  • exercise.
  • eat healthy.


well, let me tell you that this seed is loaded with an enzyme called lipase, responsible for removing body fat!!!
yes, it is true! canary seeds contain much protein as meat, contain a lot of fiber, that helps digestive system.

contains 7 times more potassium than a banana and more calcium than a cup of skimmed milk!!! if you want more information, send me an inbox to my personal mail.

When you quit smoking, you will start feeling so great, that you will never be a smoker again! you will feel stronger, healthier, free of nicotine.
Your teeth will be whiter, you will smell better, your skin will look younger, you will feel the desire of exercise often, you will breathe better, feel more oxygen in your lungs.

Your life will change! Yoram Yasur

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