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Yoram Yasur Rubin: Transform our lives

Yoram Yasur AffirmationAffirmations have the power to completely transform our lives – Yoram Yasur.
An affirmation is a positive statement of how we envision our best self.
Your affirmations should be what your soul is actually asking for.

They have to be authentic.

When you make an affirmation, get present, connect with your breath, affirm, stay mindful.

Make them a daily habit.

Be open to receive them when they happen.
the real power of affirmations became clear .

Affirmations that will boost your happiness right away

Repeat this affirmations everytime you feel you need a boost.

  • I am blessed.
  • I will not let others negative actions, dictate my future.
  • Hope is now.
  • My victory is not dependant on circumstances.
  • Be grateful.
  • Always say, I am grateful for: everything in my life has a purpose.
  • I expect joy today.

After a breakup, you learn to be your own best friend

if you want to take action, make sure you will.
You can not pretend to drop 10 pounds, and keep eating junk food.
You can not pretend to have a more relaxed life,  I you work late every night.
Is about being consistent to what you really want.
Make you sure your goals, are really what you want to achieve.
Sometimes we want to achieve something, because is what is socially approved, is what society expects from us.
Be careful with that.
Do not get lost – Yoram Yasur.

All people change, nothing is static in life

But, after all, our essence is still the same.
Our values is what make us how we are, and that will never change.
We will adapt to different situations in life, but in our heart we will keep our essence.
Is all a learning process do not be afraid of changes.
Wisdom will teach us to do what is best.
Just trust your instinct and keep moving forward.

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