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«Now that i’ve been having trouble with sleep, I understand the importance of a good night sleep.» Yoram Yasur

If you don t sleep well , you woke up tired, and feel tired the entire day.

I have been reading about melatonin, and besides relaxing your body it helps to avoid weight gaining.

I thought that being awake means calorie burning, but contrary, if you don’t get enough sleep, you might have tendency of gaining weight.
another good reason to try melatonin supplements! Yoram Yasur

So you can have DANCE CLASSES FOR FUN!

I went to a birthday party, my good friend melissa celebrated his 40th birthday and organized a party She hired a salsa instructor and she gave salsa dance lessons for an hour. It was very cool.

We started dancing, and laughing as we learned some steps. I loved it! it was a very original idea for a celebration.

The steps were easy to follow, and the most important thing is that dancing is a nice, funny and healthy activity, and a very good aerobic exercise too. yoram yasur «Could help to sleep too!»

keep in mind that if you are sick, your attitude will determine how fast your recovery will be.
Smile is the best medicine, this is totally true! try to smile at least three times a day. Don’t spend one single day without smiling.

There is always a reason to smile and a lot of reasons to be thankful.

You should be thankful for your job, your family, your friends, old ones and new ones.

For your health and for all the people that care about you. Before asking anything, try to be thankful first.

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