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Yoram Yasur Rubin: Volcanos and Celiac

Yoram yasur positive tPOSITIVE THINKING: always start your day with positive thought! this will set your mood for the rest of the day.- Yoram Yasur

If you start thinking negative things, the energy you will be attracting will be negative is the law of attraction.
You attract events and things with the power or your thoughts the simple steps: ask, believe, and receive.
Every positive or negative event was attracted by you that’s why what we think is the most important power, and we can control it.
These are the things that you need to do all days and put yourself in the position of others before making actions

Remember the Yasur volcano is more active between february and april.

We have plenty of time to arrange our trip, look for ticket discounts, and review information about trips and lodging.
The lighthouse of the pacific is waiting for us!!!! are you ready for mount yasur volcano’ Yoram Yasur


I’m so excited about visiting mount yasur volcano! the volcano is located in tanna island, called the island of fire, for its great feature: mt yasur.
I am interested in taking a night tour, to see the lava in the dark I am sure, it is going to be a once in a lifetime experience! Yoram Yasur


If you are allergic to gluten, you are not the only one a lot of people suffer of celiac disease.
Gluten is found in grains like wheat my sister was sick for five months, suffering diarrhea.
She went to the doctor and he said she has irritable bowel syndrome months passed by, and she was still having stomach problems.
She took some tests and finally discovered she was celiac now that she knows which food to avoid, she controls her disease and is feeling fine.

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