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Yoram Yasur Rubin: NO SHADOW DAY

yoram moveNO SHADOW DAY-Yoram Yasur

I heard on the news, that in some countries, today is no shadow day.
This happens when the sun is absolutely on top of your head.

This phenomenon is experienced two times every year it is called zero shadow day.

Interesting experience! i will be checking when it will happen in my city, I will let you know! Yoram Yasur


Well i must tell you, i used to, but one day I broke my arm, and was the end of the story.

But, there are a lot of extreme sports, and people practicing them.

Very courageous people! for example, base jumping uses a parachute to jump.

Canoeing is also very thrilling, using canoes and kayaks in dangerous rivers, with rapids, and waterfalls the adrenaline is up to the limit!


Parkour is very extreme! is like running with acrobatic moves, jumping walls, gaps, jumping, using the city as your personal obstacles, your playground of concrete and courage.

The idea is to avoid obstacles, is the art of movement, because with your own moves and strength you accomplish the obstacles.

This discipline started in france and is developed all around the world. Yoram Yasur

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