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yoram yasur good actionsYoram Yasur: I really admire those people that visit a country, with the intention of having a great vacation, rest, visit touristic areas, and they get in love with local people.

They get so sensitive about poverty and communities in need, that they decide to stay to help rural communities.

They stay for month, away from their country and amenities, just for the conviction of doing something for others that is very admirable.

Sudoku is fun and entertaining

But besides having a good time playing sudoku, you should know that this game, helps your brain stay healthy.
Is good for memory

  • Reduces the risk of alzheimer
  • Is a game for all ages
  • It helps release stress and anxiety
  • It develops mental agility
  • Develops a sharper mind
  • Numeric ability
  • Promote concentration
  • Mental agility.

In other words, is the best exercise for your mind!


My sister always says to me: yoram yasur, you are so creative!

well I think creativity is part of personality, but you can also try to improve it doing simple things.

For example, always try to do something different, use a different route to work, listen to other kind of music, read a different newspaper, try new flavors, wear new colors.

Question everything, curiosity is the light for creativity spend time with kids, they are always creating things, and asking about everything.
Talk to persons you never talk to. Yoram Yasur

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