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yoram yasur admitAdmit your struggle – Yoram Yasur.
Restructure your thought to empower yourself.

Take control of the moment and then take action.

Believe in family and friends that are truly interested in you.
Do not stay still.
Exercise will help you alleviate stress and depression, raise good

Hormones and prevent future signs of depression.
Even if you do not feel like it, move your body.
Just take a walk outdoors, or doing yoga will help you feel better.

Yoram Yasur: avoid toxic people

There is people that simply take your energy away.
They absorb it and leave you tired, anxious, negative and literally without energy.

We should learn to identify them so we can take action and avoid them.
If you happen to know someone like this, the best you can do is get away from him.
They are not a good influence for your life, we must surround by positive people, not the contrary.


Before exercising in the morning, I used to drink a glass of water, and nothing else.
Then I went to for a walk or to run for half an hour.
A month ago I started to prepare a green smoothie every morning, and I drink it before I go to exercise.
I prepare it with a slice of pineapple (try to get one that is reallysweet), half of a cucumber, celery, the juice of one lemon, and a tablespoon of organic honey.

At the beginning, I didn t like the flavor so much, but after a while, I really find it fresh and delicious.

I think is a great way of starting your day!

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