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yoram yasur rubin aptitudYoram Yasur – gratitude is contagious.
Does not just happen. We are connected to others and to every moment that we are living.

Live in the present moment and recognizing the power of positive thinking
Will bring abundance to your life. Write thank you notes.
Organize a gratitude party, a nice evening with your friends filled with spontaneous toasts of gratitude.
Surprise a friend or relative.

Express your friends and family how much they mean to you.
Give a donation.
In order to receive abundance in your life, you should be thankful, find the blessings in your everyday life, and practice gratitude for everything and every single person you have in your life.
Everything is possible if you have an attitude of gratitude.
So start right now!


Sometimes you will have to provide free services in order to let people know about you.
Take advantage of networking, connect with people who share your interests.

Word of mouth is a powerful element if you want to gain clients.
Do not forget about online presence.

Invest in yourself, be patient, do not expect instant success.

Never forget the power of positive thinking.
Your thoughts are very powerful, so, learn to use them for your own good.
Focus on the things you want to get, on your goals and dreams.
If you think about the things you want to get, you will be attracting it to your life.
See your dream, you must manifest your goal, bring it to existence.
Imagine your life with your dream, like it already came true.
Feel happy, joy, be already thankful about it.


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