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Yoram Yasur Rubi – Benefits of eating dark chocolate.

yoram yasur chocolateYoram Yasur Rubin – BENEFITS OF EATING DARK CHOCOLATE

Makes you smarter. It lowers bad cholesterol, blood pressure and risk of heart diseases.
Lowers risk of brain vascular attack.

It will make you feel full.

Protects your skin with antioxidants. Improves your vision.
It is rich in fiber.
Helps fight diabetes.
Will cheer you up.

Improves blood circulation and it is delicious!


Is loaded with iodine, and will help you keep your thyroid functioning well.
Is used for weight loss.

Kelp has 46 minerals, 16 amino acids and 11 micronutrients.
Is loaded with antioxidants, and is anti inflammatory.

Is also a great source of protein. Is best to eat kelp fresh than as a supplement.
You can also get kelp noodles, which are a tasty and fun way to eat kelp.

The japanese diet traditionally includes about three tablespoons daily.


This small citrus fruit has a lot of benefits .

Is full with: vitamin c, antioxidants, liminoids, phytochemicals, riboflavin, vitamin a.
It has a high content of healthy oils. It will help you recovery from cuts, punctures, burns, scratches.

Helps heal damage cells and preventing kidney stones.
Is full of antioxidants. Is a great source of iron, potassium and copper. Helpful for treating sore throats.

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