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yoram yasur remediesA great tip for detoxing your body: just mix lemon juice (one lemons is ok), two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, and a little bit of water. Yoram Yasur

You mix it and drink it one hour before going to sleep, for seven days.

This will help you to detox, and to drop a few pounds.

It is very easy to do, all the ingredients are already in your kitchen, and tastes good good luck!


I scraped my left knee a few days ago I washed the blood with soap and water.

The scrape is drying well my mother told me to put aloe on it.

You just have to take the gel found inside its green leaves.

It provides relief from itching, provides soothing, and erase marks and dark spots it helps the skin to heal quickly, reducing inflammation.
Yoram Yasur

Another natural remedy for scrapes and cuts: garlic.

It is antimicrobial and protects against infection.

You can apply it to skin mixing it with wine in a blender, one time a day.

Honey is helpful because eliminates bacteria and avoids infections.

You can apply it directly to the affected area.

I remember when i was little my mother used to put sugar on wounds in the mouth or lips, and immediately stopped bleeding.

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