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yoram yasur a proIt is very important to be a good listener, specially if you want to be a good leader – Yoram Yasur Rubin.

If you pay attention to others, you will discover a lot of things you were not aware of, and you will gain the respect of others.
This is not a common quality of some people.
Is very different to be a boss and to be a leader.
Leaders gain respect and that is what makes others follow them.
A boss has an authority, but is not the same as having the respect of your people.


A pro positive person is someone with analytic attitude, how evaluates things, generates solutions to problems and think about alternatives to act.
Is the opposite to impulsive persons, and totally different from passive persons.
Pro positive persons look for arguments to change a situation.
Another characteristic of this kind of persons is that they transform their ideas into plans of action, and they take action at short term.

They do not rest until reaching their goals.
They think before acting, they are intelligent, smart and quick. They do not feel threatened by ideas different from theirs. They always do what they say.
Everyone can be pro positive, you can be a pro positive person too.


Get more information on the career that has attracted your interest.

Educate yourself.
Attend a related industry event, utilize your networks or reach out for informational interviews.

Control your fear.
The key is to not run from fear, but to get close to it, listen to it, and then respond to what it needs.
Take small steps to build a bridge from where you are to where you want to be.

Taking small steps will be easier and will give you a quick start.
Is never too late to do what you really love.
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