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Yoram Yasur: Actions to find inner peace

yoram yasur acunpunctureActions to find inner peace

Loneliness: find time to be with yourself, at the park, office, home, no matter where, Yoram Yasur : but is good to spend some time alone.

Meditation: at least five minutes per day is enough to get started.  It will help you have peace of mind. keep your mind in peace.
Do not let anybody take your peace away.

Have peaceful thoughts: Give hugs, smiles, and love, from the bottom of your heart.

Have contact with nature.

Forgive: you will feel free and in peace.


Activities that will help you find yourself

Immerge yourself in something out of the box.
Is good to do different and new things, not just the same actions of our every day life.

Look for something new and dive into it! maybe yoga, meditation’ finding a sense of «newness» in your life on a regular basis will empower you, and give you a sense of focus and passion.

Get out of your comfort zone, do new activities, make new friends.

Say yes to everything you are invited to, even if it s out of your comfort zone.

Learn the value of silence.

Sitting in silence completely alone gives your mind a chance to unwind, and you can hear yourself think so clearly.

Acupuncture, good reasons to try it – by Yoram Yasur

  1. Great for treating allergies, because it regulates the immune system.

  2. Is great for weight loss.

  3. It can be used to stimulate the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that regulates hunger.

  4. It helps to relieve the side effects of chemotherapy: nausea, sore joints, dry mouth, fatigue.

  5. Is good for treating infertility.

  6. Helpful to help you quit smoking.

  7. Will help you deal with cravings, irritability, anxiety, headache, increases appetite, poor sleep and fatigue.

This discipline treats the whole person, restoring balance, strengthening immunity and helping physiological systems.

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