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yoram yasur champIt fights cancer, because contains sulforaphane that kills cancer cells – Yoram Yasur.

Boost hear health: Improve blood pressure and kidney function.
Helps relief inflammation.
Full in vitamins and minerals.
Great for your brain health.
Helps detox your body.
Full with vitamin c, betacarotene, quecetin, rutin.
Helps the cells defense against reactive oxygen.
Include cauliflower in your diet.
Use it on salads, soups, quiche, with butter, grilled, baked.


It can help you improve spatial memory, the ability to recognize your surroundings.

It contains fewer calories than white or red wine.
Because of its sparkling bubbles, you will drink slower and feel full quicker.

Is healthy for your heart.
Is as healthy as a glass of red wine, remember is made from red and white

Grapes, is has an antioxidant that helps reduce bad cholesterol.

Improves short term memory.
Is full of antioxidants that contain the damage of free radicals in our body.
You can find cheaper alternatives like prosecco and cava.


The flavonoids in chocolate can help your veins and arteries to stay supple.
Help improve memory.

It can help to avoid sunburn.
Has a beneficial effect on the mood, will make you feel calmer and happier. It may help people with alzheimer s disease.

Will help you with your workout and is very nutritious.
It will lower your blood pressure.
will help you produce endorphins.
One of the healthiest snacks is a piece of dark chocolate because it fills you up quicker and reduces craving for salty and sweet snacks.

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