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yoram yasur carrotYoram Yasur: It heals your stomach, a cup a day works great for leaky gut syndrome.

The gelatin in the bone broth helps seal holes in intestines.
It will protect your joints.

Bone broth has glucosamine that helps joint heallth.
It will help you look younger, because is a high source of collagen.
Make your skin, hair and nails look great.
Help you sleep better.
Boost your immune system.
Help you have stronger bones because of its magnesium and calcium content.

Is very economical!


Breathing is very important to achieve vitality and strength, it will help you stay alert and creative.

Breathing correctly will help you get rid of toxins.

A deep breath increase oxygen in our blood, improving its quality.

Breathing will help you with tension.

If your breathing is superficial, you are not getting the correct amount of oxygen your body needs.
Try to breath deeply and you will learn to relax and get more oxygen.

It will also help you to take care of your heart, to fortify your lungs and to improve your circulation.


They are great for your eyes, they increase your night vision.
Carrots improve your mind, and restore nerves because their high potassium content.
Carrots are good for your digestive system, because they have a lot of fiber, they work as a natural laxative.
They are diuretic, will help you with water retention.

Good for your mouth and teeth.
Great for the skin, healing wounds and skin burns, specially caused by the sun.
Carrots fortify nails and hair, because the high content in vitamin A.
And they also have cancer prevention properties.

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