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yoram yasur dramaYoram Yasur: Do not let gossip, negativity, envy, hate, and toxic people be in your circle.

Some people love drama! They love critics and gossip and you know what’ those things really bore me.

Sometimes we do not choose to be around those persons, but they are next to us.
At work, in the neighborhood, or in our circle of friends.
Maybe they are friends from childhood or from college.

The best thing to do is keep distance.
Be respectful and keep an emotional distance.

You do not need those vibes around you.


You know that drinking sodas is not very healthy.
You should consume no more than three cans per week.
If you drink more than that you will be getting more calories and it will be reflected on you weight.
Fat will be stored around your abdominal organs and subcutaneous tissues, and this promotes diseases like diabetes and heart diseases.
Instead or carbonated drinks, prefer water, natural juices, and sugarless drinks.
You can prepare a natural smoothie, that will keep you full and improve your energy levels!



When I fell i am overeating, I try to bet myself on track, and go back to my healthy way of eating.
What I do is to avoid eating junk food. The clue is to choose unprocessed foods.
Go for veggies, whole grains, olive oil, nuts, salmon, white meat, organic food, beans.

Never skip breakfast.
Is the worst you can do and it will lower your metabolism. And when you skip breakfast you get to lunch totally starving, and youeat the double!, trust me, don’t!

The best you can do is eat slowly, mindfully.
Never eat quickly or in front of your computer.
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