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Yoram Yasur – Are you afraid of failure?

yoram yasur afraidYoram Yasur – Fear of failure could become bigger and bigger when we think mistakes can be irreparable, but the truth is that there are many things in life that  are totally irreversible.
Repairing consequences of any decision taken requires effort and you will need to evaluate your different choices.
That is the only way to move forward.

If you have to make choices, think about all advantages and disadvantages.
If you can not turn back to the exactly place you were, you can give yourself a second chance and learn from all mistakes.
living is taking risks.


Focus on what you can do today, not in what you did not do yesterday.
Life is not perfect, learn to see the best in anything you do and have.

It costs nothing to be positive.

You can control your thoughts, so try to think positive!!! it is easy to be happy when the times are easy.

The key is to learn to be happy even though things are tough.

Tough situations build strong people.
The power of positive thinking is real! you will see it in your life, it will transform your world.
You are where you are suppose to be.



An old soul is a person with an old heart and mind, even though is from young age.
This people have a different vision of life, and are more mature than people of his their own age.

They tend to be lonely persons.

They are not interested in activities that other persons of their age are interested. They use that loneliness for reflection of their life.
Very spiritual souls, more emotional than others, they have a sensible nature.
Promote peace and love, they think is the best way to use their time, they trust their instincts and are rarely wrong.

Their spiritual force allows them to get to know people in a deeper way. They are not material persons, fame and fortune are not their interest in life. They focus on spiritual things.

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