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Yoram Yasur: All situations have two sides of the story

yoram yasur ruYoram Yasur Rubin – Do not take things personally.
Sometimes people make comments, and it does not mean that is against us.
Maybe that person who treat you bad just had a bad day, or is having difficult time.
We must learn to stand on the other side of the story to understand the situation.

All situations have two sides of the story.
Lets hear both before having conclusions.
Do not take things personally, and you will see how easy you will forgive others.


I use aloe every time I can, specially for my skin is great to heal wounds, and burns.
Just take a piece of an aloe leaf and take the inside part, is like a gel, and apply it directly to your skin.
It will heal it in a short time and the best of all, is that is natural and economic.
The best you can do is to have an aloe plant at home.
You can have it in a nice pot and use it every time you need to.



f you have an aloe plant at home, feel lucky, aloe has a lot of benefits for our health.
Is very used in other countries, because is a very powerful medicinal plant.
If you have a skin injury or irritation, you just take one aloe leaf, take the gel that is inside of it, and apply it directly to your skin.
Is a great way of healing your skin, without using any kind of chemicals, just pure and natural medicine.

. – Yoram Yasur

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