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Yoram Yasur: Acupuncture and Nature

yoram natura rid of stressAcupuncture is useful to control pain

Is great for treating angina, Yoram Yasur  – «a condition produced by the lack of oxygen to active heart muscles«.
Is also great for treating heart failure.

An acupuncture therapy will help improve breath capacity.
Arrhythmia can also be treated with acupuncture, reducing or eliminating the distress of palpitations.

Is a good therapy for hypertension and to help with smoking cessation.

Acupunture is helping me reduce anxiety

My nutritionist put small acupuncture needles in my left ear.
She was explaining to me that acupuncture helps you reduce anxiety.

Sometimes we eat because we feel anxious, not because we are hungry.
Well, I have the needles since monday and i feel i have been eating less. Yoram Yasur: I think is working.

Is a good support for dieting, specially on the first week of a diet, you feel anxious, and so hungry that you feel like you want to quit.
So is a great help to use acupuncture.

Admiring nature will help you get rid of stress

It will help you cultivate your inner peace, calm your mind, develop high concentration levels.

Is good to escape from the world, disconnect from reality with our busy life, we have no time at all.

Always full of things to do, on the computer, connected with technology, doing several things at one time.
Eating while working on the computer, or talking on the phone.

When we are stressed, we feel that the world is over us, we feel tired, we feel that the days are shorter.
we have to learn how to deal with stress: exercise, organize your life,
Keep your purpose in mind, meditate, practice relaxation, keep good things and moments in mind, socialize.

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