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yoram yasur apreciateVisualize what you want is a great exercise, you generate powerful – Yoram Yasur.
Thoughts and feelings of having what you want now.
If you want to attract money, focus on wealth.
It is not possible to attract money if you focus on the lack of money be resistant.
Adapt to any situation.
Your mistakes are the best teacher you have.
Appreciate every moment of your life! focus on how you feel about.


Enjoy when life is good.
Do not look for something better every second.
Enjoy what you have.
Help other because you want to, because you enjoy to give.
You do not need a reason to help others.
You just feel it.
Never settle on things or persons that bring you down.
Learn how to balance plans and present time.
Happiness never comes if you do not appreciate what you have.

Sometimes we win, sometimes we loose.
But in both cases, we learn important lessons.
Happiness is contagious.

Being around the people we love is the best therapy.
We know people that give us energy, and people who take energy from us.

Appreciate what you have.

Why wait until you loose something to really appreciate it’ getting away from complicated people is even good for our health.
She can not dedicate to others and forget about ourselves.
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