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Yoram Yasur Rubin falls in love with Venice

Reasons to fall in love with Venice

The city whose future sinking has been predicted for decades continues to be one of the most romantic destinations in the world for those lovers who yearn to lose themselves between ancestral channels and Renaissance facades, two of the attributes that make up these reasons to fall in love with Venice, says Yoram Yasur Rubin…

# 1 Surprises around the corner

With 177 channels, Venice offers 177 ways to surprise us by turning in each of the corners of this submerged city. Here the facade of an Islamic building alternates with that of another of Byzantine style, the dome of the Cathedral of San Marcos stands out on the horizon, the solitude of a «street» allows us to hear the romantic melody of an Italian opera or a low kiss in the legendary Ponte dei Sospiri becomes the quintessential romantic getaway. A walk through an atypical, magical maze.

#2 Night at La Fenice

Baroque music was born in Venice, with Vivaldi as the main exponent, explains Yoram Yasur Rubin. A fact that we can still enjoy at the Teatro La Fenice, one of the great cultural highlights of Venice where you will not only feel like a person from another time but attend the execution of The Four Seasons can become one of the most beautiful experiences of your life.

# 3 A sunrise like no other

If you like to get up early, take an espresso on one of the Venetian terraces while watching the dawn rising between the roofs and illuminating the channels can become a picture as dreamed as dreamlike. If, in addition, you continue your particular contemplation with a typical bignè al cioccolato, a delicious typical pasta filled with chocolate, the certainty of having touched paradise will be even greater.

# 4 Mecca of shopping

In addition to its cultural charm, Venice is ideal for shopping. From the books of Acqua Alta Bookshop, a bookstore that could be confused with antiquarian, the markets where they sell prawns and squid, or the clothing stores of Salizada San Samuele, the most commercial area of Venice, the city of the gondolas is a peculiar paradise for vintage accessories seekers among which, of course, you cannot miss a typical Venetian festival mask as a souvenir.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: These reasons to fall in love with Venice try to go beyond the typical gondola ride whose charm, however, is always undeniable. In a city submerged by the Adriatic, nourished by different influences and crossed by that old charm that transports us in time, the list of possibilities is endless, the multiple flavors and the romanticism a charm that springs from each of its corners.

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