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Yoram Yasur Rubin explains the big health benefits of running

Know the big health benefits of running

There are many people who daily get up to do this exercise, not by obligation, or by following a trend but because of the great benefits that running provides to health. But do you know exactly what those benefits are? Yoram Yasur Rubin explains…

There are also myths about problems that can cause running, but calm, here we bring you some reasons why you should run regularly and what are the limitations. You should also know that it is not an activity that only helps you burn calories, no! All are advantages when running and many studies confirm it.

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Running at least 10 minutes a day decreases the risk of early death by 30 percent, so you should know the big health benefits of running because they are so many: improve the quality of your bones, muscle strength and elasticity, improve the system immune, the cardiorespiratory system and even helps you reduce the risks of suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress. The blood values are regulated and the constant muscular pains are relieved as the back as it benefits the spine. In short, this habit improves your quality life. But let’s look more closely at its benefits.

  • Improve your athletic performance. When running, the body is oxygenated, obtaining as a result that all your vital systems gain energy and therefore will improve your athletic performance.
  • Releases accumulated tension. Going out and running to reflect or meditate your day is an excellent way to combat stress, you relax while disconnecting from your chores, in addition, oxygenation will release your creativity to the maximum.
  • Eventually, you will perceive weight loss. You burn calories, especially if you exercise at intervals of time. There are training programs that alternate running with other exercises so that weight loss is more noticeable. Advise yourself and investigate to acquire this habit.
  • You will be able to sleep better. Running usually allows the different phases of sleep to occur naturally and you benefit from a regulated sleep all night, however, it is advisable not to exercise physically four hours before going to sleep.
  • Yoram Yasur Rubin: Strengthen your bones and joints. It happens because running increases the density of bones, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. You only need a 15-minute race per week to reduce these risks by 40 percent. Additionally, contrary to what is believed, running strengthens the knees, ensures cartilage thanks to the increase in oxygen and the reduction of toxins, also strengthening tendons and ligaments.
  • You get a healthier heart, better digestion, increased lung capacity and a much stronger immune system. Just running at least one hour a week you will see these benefits. The more you run the heart works faster-pumping blood and maintaining a continuous pumping system, making the heart much healthier and increasing the rate of food metabolism. The defensive system improves with running about 30 kilometers a week but running more than 90 kilometers could generate a negative effect, by weakening it.
  • Your day will end up being great, no matter what you’ve gone through. Because you will always feel better after running as the level of endorphins increases, making you feel happy and reducing anxiety.

Do not waste time and improve your life by running. You will have a very satisfying feeling of triumph, of having achieved more than you could ever achieve. Improve your performance, your skin and posture, burn body fat and tone muscles. It will definitely improve your self-esteem.

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