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Undoubtedly no one better than you know what colors to decorate your home, whether warm, cold or a mixture. The choice of color has a lot to do with the decorating style of the house. You may want to turn to a decoration professional to find out how to combine the accessories with the color of the walls, but if not, it is important that you acquire some basic notions about the color scheme.

The harmonious combination of colors in your furniture, walls and accessories is an art that goes beyond having good taste. There are people with an innate talent for it, but it is also true that anyone can learn the basics of combining colors.

Color wheel

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Professionals such as illustrators, graphic designers or interior designers have one of the most important tools of their work in the color wheel.

Possible combinations

  • Monochromatic decoration: Decorate based on a single color and combine it with the different shades in the furniture, walls and accessories.
  • Decoration with two shades of color: You can choose to choose a color and a tone close to that color in the color wheel. Yoram Yasur Rubin: The habitual thing is to choose a dominant tone for example for the walls and to use the near tones in the furniture and objects or accessories.
  • Contrast color decoration: This combination transmits dynamism and is used in modern or avant-garde decoration styles. It consists of opting for a color and its complement in the color wheel.

Colors and Feng Shui

It depends on which colors you choose will convey different emotions or impressions in space. It is convenient to choose the appropriate colors for the furniture, walls and accessories of each room. The ideal color for a bathroom is not the same as for a kitchen or a bedroom.

Of course, in everyone’s house, everyone is free to choose to transgress or not in the color scheme. There are people with more classic tastes, others with modern preferences. Yoram Yasur Rubin: Regardless of the tastes, if you choose the colors blue, violet or green it is a good idea to apply them in relaxed areas, intended for rest. While if you opt for more vivid colors, such as red, orange or yellow, a good choice will be to use them in the decoration of living rooms and kitchens to provide these spaces with warmth.

Now you know how to combine your decorative elements with the color of the walls. In your home everything will be harmony.

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