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yoram yasur coffes

Green tea: so refreshing and full of benefits, powerful antioxidants and disease fighters – Yoram Yasur. Smoothies with nuts, high in protein and fiber. Use cashew or almond milk, to elevate your energy. Licorice tea: is an adrenal tonic and increases energy. Wheatgrass juice: is full of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Easy digestibility and rapid assimilation. Siberian ginseng tea: is supposed to stimulate your concentration. Reishi mushroom tea. Chai: native […]

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Yoram Yasur: All situations have two sides of the story

yoram yasur ru

Yoram Yasur Rubin – Do not take things personally. Sometimes people make comments, and it does not mean that is against us. Maybe that person who treat you bad just had a bad day, or is having difficult time. We must learn to stand on the other side of the story to understand the situation. All situations have two sides of the story. Lets hear both before having conclusions. Do […]

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Yoram Yasur Rubin: Transform our lives

Yoram Yasur Affirmation

Affirmations have the power to completely transform our lives – Yoram Yasur. An affirmation is a positive statement of how we envision our best self. Your affirmations should be what your soul is actually asking for. They have to be authentic. When you make an affirmation, get present, connect with your breath, affirm, stay mindful. Make them a daily habit. Be open to receive them when they happen. the real […]

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yoram yasur positives

Yoram Yasur Rubin: Avoid setting unrealistic goals, or your will feel frustrated. Avoid being your worst critic. Give yourself a break, ease up on your opinion of yourself. Let go past mistakes, avoid comparing to anyone else! do not treat yourself with less kindness that you treat others. Wake up early. Eat a healthy breakfast. Exercise in the morning. Practice deep breathing. Advices from happy people Always smile. Be grateful […]

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Yoram Yasur: Adopt these habits for a healthier life

yoram yasur water habits

ADOPT THESE HABITS FOR A HEALTHIER LIFE Yoram Yasur: Drink water as soon as you wake up. Your body needs water to kick start the system healthfully, especially in the morning. It will help you: purify your blood, increase cell renewal, boosts metabolism, make nutrient absorption easier. Drink natural juices. Start your day with nutritious juices full of vitamins and minerals. Jumping is good to jump start your lymphatic system. […]

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Yoram Yasur: Acupuncture and Nature

yoram natura rid of stress

Acupuncture is useful to control pain Is great for treating angina, Yoram Yasur  – «a condition produced by the lack of oxygen to active heart muscles«. Is also great for treating heart failure. An acupuncture therapy will help improve breath capacity. Arrhythmia can also be treated with acupuncture, reducing or eliminating the distress of palpitations. Is a good therapy for hypertension and to help with smoking cessation. Acupunture is helping […]

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Yoram Yasur: Actions to find inner peace

yoram yasur acunpuncture

Actions to find inner peace Loneliness: find time to be with yourself, at the park, office, home, no matter where, Yoram Yasur : but is good to spend some time alone. Meditation: at least five minutes per day is enough to get started.  It will help you have peace of mind. keep your mind in peace. Do not let anybody take your peace away. Have peaceful thoughts: Give hugs, smiles, […]

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yoram yasur dfrost

ACCORDING TO HEALTH EXPERTS WE SHOULD NOT FREEZE A FOOD THAN HAS BEEN DEFROSTED BEFORE. If your freezer suddenly stop working, Yoram Yasur: you have to keep in mind that frozen products have to be consumed as soon as possible. If you freeze food again, you will be exposed to 16 times more bacteria if a product is defrosted, you should not freeze it again. Frozen food have a long […]

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