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Mes: noviembre 2016


IMAGINE WHAT YOU WANT! – YORAM YASUR According to the power, written by rhona byrne, we should spend seven minutes each day imagining and feeling having what we want. To avoid bad feelings, imagine bad feelings as cars you can get out of the car and get them off. Change what you give, and you will always, without exception change what you receive that is the law of attraction. Yoram […]

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Yoram Yasur Rubin – OPPORTUNITY

Yoram Yasur: EVERY DAY IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A NEW LIFE. Doesn’t matter if yesterday was a bad day. You can change your future now, deciding to be happy you have to be happy, to receive happy things in your life. How you feel this moment is the most important thing, because what you feel right now is creating your life. You can reinforce you good feelings thinking about all […]

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The four agreements, is a book written by miguel ruiz, it gives four principles to create happiness in your life. – Yoram Yasur Be impeccable with your word: say only what you mean. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love. Don t take anything personally: things other do, is not because of you. Is a projection of their own reality. You have to learn […]

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Yoram Yasur Rubin: Volcanos and Celiac

POSITIVE THINKING: always start your day with positive thought! this will set your mood for the rest of the day.- Yoram Yasur If you start thinking negative things, the energy you will be attracting will be negative is the law of attraction. You attract events and things with the power or your thoughts the simple steps: ask, believe, and receive. Every positive or negative event was attracted by you that’s […]

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Yoram Yasur Rubin: stop smoking

I know to quit is not easy. – Yoram Yasur Nicotine is an addiction! so you have to use a lot of psychology to conquer your goal! start by setting a date for stop smoking completely! to quit gradually is not recommended. You should be drastic! tell your friends and family that you are giving up, so they could support and value your effort. Give away all cigarettes and ashtrays […]

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Yoram Yasur Rubin: BODY AND SMOKING

LAST YEAR I WENT TO AN EXHIBITION OF BODY WORLDS – Yoram Yasur It is a traveling exhibition of human bodies and body parts that are plastinated. The promoter of this exhibition is gunther von hagens, a german anatomist that created de plastination technique. It was very impressive, to see body parts right in front of you, looking at its internal parts. The more impressive piece of the exhibition was […]

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Yoram Yasur Rubin: NO SHADOW DAY

NO SHADOW DAY-Yoram Yasur I heard on the news, that in some countries, today is no shadow day. This happens when the sun is absolutely on top of your head. This phenomenon is experienced two times every year it is called zero shadow day. Interesting experience! i will be checking when it will happen in my city, I will let you know! Yoram Yasur HAVE YOU EVER TRIED PRACTICING EXTREME […]

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Yoram Yasur – I FOUND DIFFERENT TOURS TO VISIT MOUNT YASUR VOLCANO As an active volcano, I read that you should be very careful and do not approach the crater, because of the risk of toxic gas and avalanches. Last year, the volcano had high activity levels, the highest eruptions since 1995. Vanuatu is located in the south west pacific ocean. You can take a day tour or an overnight […]

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Yoram Yasur Rubin: Trips and Creativity

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO PERU-Yoram Yasur I want to visit machu picchu, in peru. It is the lost city of the incas, and the most important city of inca civilization. Uneco declared machu picchu unesco world heritage site. It was a religious, ceremonial and astronomical centre it is located at 8,000 ft. The most important places to visit: sun gate, temple of the sun, intihuatana, the famous stone, temple […]

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